Intense Mini CO2 Regulator


  • $184.99

The CO2 regulator is one of the most important aspects of any CO2 system.  The pressure in a gas cylinder can be over 700 psi which is way too high for safe usage in any application. The regulator plays the crucial role of allowing just enough CO2 to dispense safely through the airline tubing, through the diffuser and into your aquarium.  

The Intense Mini CO2 Regulator is a single gauge miniature regulator with a built in solenoid.  

 Key Features:
  • Made with Duralumin, the INTENSE CO2 regulator solenoid outclass its
    competitors through its excellent durability and its precision control of gas flow with parts from Japan and Germany.
  • Designed with simplicity, the INTENSE CO2 regulator solenoid allows users to hand tighten the regulator to the CO2 Cannister.
  • CGA320 thread connection stem adapter included (fits onto standard US CO2 gas tanks)
  • Built in solenoid allows you to turn the CO2 supply on and off during photoperiod
  • Precision SMC Needle Valve for precise CO2 metering
  • Paintball CO2 adapter not included
What else do you need to get to supply CO2 to your aquarium?
  • CO2 Tubing
  • Bubble Counter
  • Drop Checker
  • Diffuser
  • Check Valve

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