Fissidens sp. 'Grandifrons'

Fissidens sp. 'Grandifrons'

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This very beautiful Fissidens is not yet determined to species. It resembles the widespread species Fissidens bryoides. This slowly growing moss thrives above as well as under water and forms a deeply green, dense, low mat. The feather-like, soft shoots are compact, about 4 mm wide, densely branched and rather prostrate to ascending.

In the aquarium Fissidens Sp. 'Grandifrons' grows slowly and benefits from CO2 supply and good nutrient supply. It can be tied to the hardscape and moss pads.

With its rather spreading, densely branched growth, Fissidens sp. 'Grandifrons' is highly recommendable for aquascaping. It looks well on the hardscape in the foreground to midground, also in nano tanks.


Plants Info:
Common Name: Fissidens Sp. Grandifrons
Type:  Fissidens
Difficulty: Easy
Light Needs: Low-Medium
Temperature: 70 - 85F
Growth Rate: Slow
CO2: Not needed but recommended
Origin: Unknown
Can Be Grown Emersed:

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