Aqua Worx Onyx 5" LED Light

Aqua Worx

  • $21.99

Onyx by Aqua Worx is a great aquarium LED light for planted tanks. This aquarium LED is constructed from premium material for durability and longevity. Equipped for endurance, the Onyx also has beautiful features such as a sleek matte black gooseneck that attaches securely with added flexibility ease during maintenance. Onyx by Aqua Worxs will easily illuminate a freshwater aquarium and its aquatic inhabitants creating a calming feature in the home, office or space.


    • Black goose-neck clip
    • Sleek and minimalist design
    • Light Length 5"
     Model Power (Watts) Tank Recommendation
    5" White LED 8,000K
    (2 levels of output)

    Landen 16C (Cube)
    Landen 20C (Cube)
    Landen 25C (Cube)

    5" RGB LED
    (Multi-color selectable levels)
    3 Landen 16C (Cube)
    Landen 25C (Cube)
    Landen 30C (Cube)

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