CSF Premium Healing Earth

CSF Premium Healing Earth

Cologne Shrimp Food (CSF)

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You can use this healing earth to refine homemade food.
Or you can put them directly into the aquarium water.
We have successfully refined food sticks with this healing earth.

This healing earth is earth made from mineral-containing primary rock (clay, rock flour and volcanic earth). It contains many important minerals that shrimp and crayfish
need for their well-being.

Key Features:

Dosage / Feeding recommendation (For Approx. 30GL of tank volume)

earth consists of:

Silicate approx. 40% calcium
spar approx. 18%
three-layer clay minerals approx. 15% feldspar
approx. 15% dolomite approx. 5%
others approx. 5%


(please choose the desired pack size above)
50 and 150g Jar

Made in Germany
Keep out of reach of children.

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