Dymax Slim Flo Filter


  • $16.99

Slim Flo filters by Dymax are great for aquarium tanks up to 20 gallons and are budget friendly. Dymax Slim Flo Filters were designed to be discreet and easy to maintain while providing adjustable gentle flow to cater to an array of aquascape layouts and freshwater fish and shrimp species. Another added benefit for this aquarium filter is its slim profile as the model name suggests, making it great for tight spaces. It’s common practice to run filters that are rated for larger aquarium tanks on smaller tanks for exceptional filtration. These aquarium filters are ideal for shrimp, Betta, and planted aquarium tanks. Additionally, Dymax Slim Flo Filters come with everything you need right out of the box for easy setup and use.

Key Features:
  • Slim and compact design
  • Silent operation with adjustable flow
  • Adjustable intake tube with filter guard
  • Easy access to filter cleaning

Clear Smoke

Intake tube, intake sponge, and filter media

Intake Tube: 
2 piece extension & pre-filter sponge


Models  Max Flow Rate  (Gallons per hour) Tank Size


          30 GPH

1-4 gallons


          60 GPH

5-8 gallons


         125 GPH

10-24 gallons


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