Dymax Slim Flo Filter Cartridge


  • $8.99

Proper aquarium tank filtration is essential to the success of any planted aquarium tank. While Dymax Slim Flo Hang On Back Filters are built to last, periodically performing maintenance is important to ensure that your planted tank remains balanced and healthy for your aquarium tank inhabitants. It's also not a bad idea to just have a few extra cartridges on hand for any unforeseen circumstances. These filter pads fit Dymax Slim Flo Filter perfectly. Package includes 2 individual cartridges and is available in two sizes for different Dymax Slim Flo filter models.
Models Compatibility  Quantity Per Box


 Fits Dymax Slim Flo SF-120

2 Cartridge

Medium Fits Dymax Slim Flo SF-240
and SF-500

2 Cartridge 

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