Filter Hose Tubing

Filter Hose Tubing

Nature Aquascapes

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Aquarium filter hose tubing connects aquarium canister filters to the planted aquarium tank's lily pipe. Sturdy and durable, Filter Hose Tubing is available in different sizes to accommodate standard aquarium canister filtration systems. The aquarium tubing is slightly tinted to aid in disguising organic matter, fish waste and more that typically accumulates in filter tubing over time. This tubing may also be used with glass and metal lily pipes! Available in three different sizes for compatibility with a wide range of aquarium canister filter setups.  

Key Features:

  • Tinted hue maintains a clean appearance.
  • Pairs well with glass or metal lily pipes.
  • Suitable for freshwater planted aquarium tanks and marine aquariums.


3/8" - 9mm -3M
1/2" - 12mm - 3M
5/8" - 16mm -3M

Color: Clear Smoke

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