GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks - Kräutermix 1 + Fruit

GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks - Kräutermix 1 + Fruit


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Shrimp snacks are the delicious snack for your shrimp, crayfish, crabs or snails.

With its own flavors of natural ingredients in different flavors, shrimp and co. Are immediately curious and the appetite is stimulated. The shrimp snacks offer thereby vitamins, minerals, trace elements and much more, which represent a great supplement to the main food for your animals.

Arriving at the bottom of the sticks disintegrate relatively quickly, so that each animal (and especially the smaller juveniles) gets something without feeding stress. A variety of positive ingredients make the shrimp snacks a valuable snack for your aquarium dwellers.

A variety of different alpine and meadow herbs with their different flavors, beneficial ingredients and 5% fruit content, make this herb mixture in shrimp and Crab. to a feast of the senses.

sorrel, daisy, alfalfa, parsley stalks, ribwort , peas, carrot, apple (5%), nettle, dandelion, linseed, Echinacea, parsnip, chamomile, strawberry leaves

  • 30g Package
  • Shape: Sticks

Key Features:

  • Supplementary food for ornamental shrimps and crabs
  • the delicious herbal mixture for in between contains alpine and meadow herbs with fruita feast for the senses of shrimp, snails and Co.disintegrates in the water and everyone gets something from


0.5 cm Stick for 10-15 shrimps

Made in Germany
Keep out of reach of children.

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