Landen Aqua Soil Black - Normal 5L (4 Bags) - Ships Free


  • $99.99


  • Made from specially processed natural material from the earth.
  • Aqua soil helps lower the hardiness and pH level of water.
  • It is ideal substrate for most aquatic plants and it provides healthy plant root system.
  • Soil does not require rinsing and can be used directly in aquarium.
  • Normal 3-5mm grain size
  • Volume 5L Per Bag
  • Approximate weight 44 lbs (4 Bags 5L)
  • Black Color

How many bags do you need?

  • General rule of thumb is one 5L bag per 5 gallons or Two 5L bags per 15 gallons.


  • Price includes shipping charges. Please select Standard USPS/Fedex/UPS Flat Shipping option for all Aquarium Soil purchases. No expedited shipping option will be accepted.  We appreciate your understanding.


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