Malaysian Driftwood

Nature Aquascapes

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Malaysian Driftwood is a classic hardscape material choice in the planted tank hobby. This is a very versatile aquascaping material that allows you to create a natural environment that your fish and plants will love. Well recognized for its rich coloration and lovely character, Malaysian Driftwood is a staple and is commonly chosen for bold nature aquarium style aquascape layouts. Its forest-like bark looks extremely natural and provides a realistic environment for tropical aquarium fish or shrimp species. Malaysian Driftwood pairs well with almost any aquatic plant choice and its dark coloration provide a lovely contrast allowing aquatic plants to pop in a planted aquarium tank. Naturally, on the larger side, we recommend Malaysian Driftwood for larger sized aquarium tanks. This specific type of aquarium driftwood is also quite prone to leaching tannins. Tannins within the water column produce the classic "tea" colored water commonly seen in black water setups and biotopes. This type of environment is thought to be favored by many species of tropical aquarium fish but can be an acquired taste for the modern fishkeeper. Tannic acid is not harmful to livestock but it will lower pH levels slightly. Alternatively, consistent water changes can be done and the effect of tannins will subside on its own naturally with time. 

Like all aquarium driftwood, Malaysian Driftwood is very buoyant and we highly encourage allowing it to soak thoroughly to ensure they are fully waterlogged before designing and filling a planted aquarium tank. 


Small: 4" - 9"
Medium: 9" - 14"
Large: 14" - 20"


Pro TIP: 

Tannins leeched from wood will provide a natural tint to water, but will gradually dissipate based on the frequency of water changes.

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