Muilt-Blade Algae Scraper


  • $19.99

This 13-piece blade algae scraper offers 13 fine plastic blades that make light work of even the toughest algae.

Because the algae is removed using flexible plastic rather than a hard scouring pad, there is no chance of scratching the glass of your aquarium. The multi-blade design also means that algae is removed with just one pass of the scraper.

The white blades make it easy to indicate when the algae has been removed, and the ergonomically designed rubber handle make gripping and maneuvering the unit very easy.

Key Features:

  • Multiple plastic blades for maximum algae removal.
  • No souring pad or hard plastic that might scratch the glass.
  • Easy to clean with firm grip handle.
  • Highly effective algae removal.
  • Replacement head also available.


        Additional replacement head sold separately.

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