Nature Aquascapes Shrimp Active

Nature Aquascapes Shrimp Active

Nature Aquascapes

  • $8.99

Nature Aquascapes Shrimp Active is complementary feed for ornamental shrimps. It is a special feed and immune booster for the rapid activation of the immune system and the prevention of pathogens and dangerous bacteria. It also helps shrimps acclimate and be healthier in the new aquarium. Shrimp Active improves the immune system and supplies your shrimp with nutritionally important active ingredients such as beta-glucans, prebiotics, vitamin b-complex and minerals.
Key Features:
  • Boosts immune system of shrimps
  • Prevents pathogens and bacteria
  • Enhances body's defenses
  • Helps to reduce toxins in shrimps


Beta-glucans, Minerals, Prebiotics and Vitamin B-complex

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