SaltyBee GH+ Premium


  • $24.99

Key Features:

 only increases the total hardness
- only slightly increases the carbonate hardness
- very efficiently by using only hydrate-free ultrapure salts  free of nitrate and phosphate
- contains all important and necessary trace elements and minerals
- very quick and low-residue solubility
- does not change the pH value
- extends the lifespan of an aquarium
- stimulates moderate plant growth

- has a delaying effect on algae growth. Components: SaltyBee GH + Premium • Total hardness- forming alkaline earths • Natural calcium-magnesium ratio increases total hardness and conductivity

Instructions of use
Mix with water outside of the aquarium. SaltyBee GH+ Premium dissolves almost completely within seconds, and the water is ready for use at once. Please make surethat any undissolved particles go into your tank, too. Close the container tightly after use.

Use Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ to re-mineralise RO water, rainwater, fully desalinated water etc. to reach a total hardness of about 6 °dH and/or a conductance of about 200 +/- 50 µS (Microsiemens). For this purpose, an evenly full measuring spoon (about 3 g) to 20 litres of water is sufficient.
Measuring spoon included.

175g and 550g
• reclosable can with screw-on lid


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