Shirakura White Mineral Powder


  • $12.99

Shirakura White Mineral Powder is a water conditioner of different substances, and serves for health and color enhancement. It includes, for example, calcium carbonate, which prevents skinning problems and warrants for a health skin. Proteins, which are responsible for the bright, clear white stripes of the bee shrimps as well as the natural colorant Astaxanthin, which is extracted from a type f algae and is responsible for the shrimps' bright red, and several different minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients. The powder for water treatment is used for microorganisms they live in the soil, thus improving the availability of the shrimp. Especially for baby shrimp these microorganisms are important because only if they find from the very beginning these in sufficient quantity, since the cells responsible for the shrimp's color can only develop properly when the shrimps receive all these important substances from the very beginning. Only then will their color remain just as bright until an advanced age.

Key Features:

  • Prevents molting problems
  • Guarantees a healthy carapace
  • Makes the white parts of bee shrimps pure and bright
  • Particularly recommendable for baby shrimps


For a 60L aquarium, dust one level spoon* of White Mineral Powder onto the water surface every three to four days, enabling the powder to distribute properly. The fine particles will sink down to the ground quickly and support the soil bacteria and microorganisms. Dosage varies depending on the stock of animals.

*Spoon included

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