Tank Stabilizing Mat (Cube)

Tank Stabilizing Mat (Cube)

Nature Aquascapes

  • $7.99

Aquarium protection mat should always be used with rimless aquarium when setting up on a stand.

Stabilizing leveling mats are essential and strongly advised with rimless aquariums. Filled tanks are heavy and most of the weight is placed on the bottom glass panel resulting in a good amount of stress. The use of a leveling mat is important to help offset and absorb surface imperfections that have the potential to crack the bottom glass panel via stress points. Stabilizing tank mats are cost-effective and prevent the worst from happening! These aquarium tank mats are made from premium, absorbent material to ensure your planted aquarium tank doesn't slip, slide or move during or after setup. Tested to withstand considerable weight and pressure, these aquarium stabilizing mats by Nature Aquascapes are the perfect solution for your planted aquarium. They are sleek, cut to size and ready to place beneath most aquariums. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your planted tank and its inhabitants are safe on their stand.

  • These stabilizing mats will fit other rimless aquariums in similar sizing and may also be cut to size.
  • These leveling mats are not meant to be used over small gaps. Please ensure your stand can fully hold your aquarium with no part of the aquarium hanging over the edge. 
  • Cutting any excess foam material will keep your setup looking clean! Be sure to use a sharp blade and handle with caution if the mat needs to be trimmed further.

Model 20C:

    • Dimension: W20cm x D20cm (approx: 7.9"x7.9")
    • Thickness: 0.25"

    Model 25C:

      • Dimension: W25cm x D25cm (approx: 9.8"x9.8")
      • Thickness: 0.25"

      Model 30C:

        • Dimension: W30cm x D30cm (approx: 11.8"x11.8")
        • Thickness: 0.25"

          Model 35C:

          • Dimension: W35cm x D35cm (approx: 13.8"x13.8")
          • Thickness: 0.25"

           Model 40C:

          •   Dimension: W40cm x D40cm (approx: 15.75"x15.75")
          •   Thickness: 0.25"

           Model 45C:

          •  Dimension: W45cm x D45cm (approx: 17.7"x17.7")
          • Thickness: 0.25"

          Model 50C:

          •  Dimension: W50cm x D50cm (approx: 19.7"x19.7")
          • Thickness: 0.25"

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