Twinstar LED (S-Line) - SC Clear Stand


  • $209.99

This new Twinstar (S Line) LED offers a better option for your planted tank.  Experience the true colors of your aquascape in it's highest potential.  The Twinstar LED offers an optimum range of wavelengths of 400nm to 700nm which is exactly what plants need to thrive and flourish.  

Model 600SC:

  • For 60cm long aquariums

Model 900SC:

  • For 90cm long aquariums

    Please note that this is fixed clear acrylic stand type LED.

    Tank Size Recommendations:

    (Model. 600SC x1 set)

    • Landen 60P (L60 x W30 x H36cm with glass THK: 6mm)
    • Landen 60P (L60 x W40 x H40cm with glass THK: 8mm)
    • Landen 60P (L60 x W50 x H45cm with glass THK: 8mm)

      (Model. 900SC x 1 set)

      • Landen 90P  (L90 x W45 x H45cm with glass THK: 10mm)
      • Landen 90P  (L90 x W50 x H50cm with glass THK: 10mm)

        Product size:

        (Model. 600SC) 

        • W574mm x D141mm x H20mm

        (Model. 900SC) 

        • W850mm x D141mm x H20mm


          (Model. 600SC)

          • LED Source : RGB-W
          • Color Temperature : 6500K
          • Lumens : 3100lm
          • Power : 45watts
          • LED Life Span : 30000 hrs
          • 1 year Warranty

          (Model. 900SC)

          • LED Source : RGB-W
          • Color Temperature : 6500K
          • Lumens : 4900lm
          • Power : 65watts
          • LED Life Span : 30000 hrs
          • 1 year Warranty

            Product Highlight:

            • Full spectrum LEDs for vivid colors 
            • Ideal color temperature for plants
            • Promote optimal plant growth
            • Makes the colors of the fish appear more luminous


            • Full spectrum LEDs for optimum color reproduction
            • Full metal lighting stand 
            • Sleek and minimalist design
            • Operation temperature: -10° - 40°C (14° - 104°F)

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