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Ohko Stone, also known as Dragon Stone, is a popular aquascaping rock. The stone carries a unique scale like texture which makes any aquarium stand out and it cannot be duplicated with artificial decorations.  Ohko stones are commonly utilized in iwagumi style layouts. The unique characteristics of each crevice and edge in every stone is what separates Ohko “Dragon” Stones from the rest. The clay-like composition of this type of stone makes it brittle compared to other rocks, allowing larger rocks to easily be broken down into smaller pieces.

The stone scales are usually filled with dirt/clay when is is collected and needs a very thorough cleaning with water. 

When Collected:

Ohko Stone-Not Cleaned 1


Here is a closeup. It is filled with dirt. 

Ohko Stone-Not Cleaned 2

At Nature Aquascapes we make sure to thoroughly clean and send you the best quality stone so you can get to the most important part which is scaping your new aquarium as soon as you get the stone.

It is usually ready to be used in aquarium when you receive it. Because of this stone being brittle, it may have little rubble pieces or dirt during transit, we recommend to give it a quick rinse and it is ready to be used in aquarium.

After Cleaned:

Ohko Stone-Cleaned 1

A closeup after it is cleaned. You can clearly see the difference.

 Ohko Stone-Cleaned 2


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Ohko Stone (Dragon)
Ohko Scape (WYSIWYG)

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