Ohko Stone (Dragon)

Ohko Stone (Dragon)

Nature Aquascapes

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Ohko Stone, also known as  Dragon Stone, is a popular aquascaping rock. The stone carries a unique scale like texture which makes any aquarium stand out and it cannot be duplicated with artificial decorations.  Ohko stones are commonly utilized in iwagumi style layouts. The unique characteristics of each crevice and edge in every stone is what separates Ohko “Dragon” Stones from the rest. The clay-like composition of this type of stone makes it brittle compared to other rocks, allowing larger rocks to easily be broken down into smaller pieces. The picture shown is just an example and we can not guarantee that all stones will have same texture and characteristics as the stones shown.


  • The stones naturally will not increase any water hardness and pH.


  • Pieces from packages will range from 3-16".
  • 4lbs is roughly four or five stones that range from 3-6 inches each.
  • 8lbs
  • 16lbs 


It is cleaned and rinsed before shipping but we recommend to give the stones a light rinse under warm water and a light scrub to get rid of any debris it may have. If you have any special requests for sizes, please make a note when ordering and we will try to accommodate according to inventory. 

How many pounds do I need?
We advise 2 x Tank volume in gallons = Total amount of pounds required

Pro TIP: Please rinse stones before use


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