Seiryu Stone

Seiryu Stone

Nature Aquascapes

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Seiryu Stone


  • The rock may increase water hardness and pH slightly. Water changes are always helpful.


  • Pieces from packages will range from 3-12" depending on the size of order.
  • 4 lbs is roughly Two or Three stones that range from 3-6 inches each.
  • 8 lbs is roughly Four to Six stones that range from 3-7 inches each.
  • 16 lbs is roughly Six to Eight stones that range from 4-10 inches each.
  • 32 lbs is 


Stones are cleaned and rinsed before shipping but we recommend to give them a light rinse under warm water and a light scrub to get rid of any debris it may have. If you have any special requests for sizes, please make a note when ordering and we will try our best to accommodate according to inventory. 

How many pounds do I need?
We advise 2 x Tank volume in gallons = Total amount of pounds required

Pro TIP: Please rinse stones before use

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