Genchem No Planaria (Shrimp Safe)

Genchem No Planaria (Shrimp Safe)


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If you have planaria in your tank, they are very difficult to get rid of. They eat everything (apart from plants). Planaria scavenge food and as a result are impossible to get rid of. They will also compete with shrimp, and if allowed will attack them or their eggs. If you feed your shrimp food, planaria will get there first which is what makes them so hard to get rid of. In the past it has always been difficult treating a shrimp tank with anything, particularly a wormer which gets rid of Planaria. Shrimp are very sensitive and as a result can easily be effected. Genchem No Planaria eradicates planaria without effecting shrimp.

Key Features:

  • Biodegradable worm disinfectant.
  • Treats Planaria, Hydra, Leach and worms.
  • A safe treatment without affecting shrimp or plants.
  • Planaria control in as little as 72 hours.


  • Herb Extract


  • During the treatment, you should not feed your shrimps.
  • Remove carbon filter prior to dosing and watch out the dissolved oxygen.
  • Take out of planaria body after dosing to avoid ammonia.
  • Do not overdose.
  • After 72 hours perform a 25% water change and use activate carbon in your filter for a few days. 
  • Repeat dosage after 2 weeks. It does not kill planaria eggs so after they hatch in 2 weeks it will get rid of them too.
  • Some snails can also be sensitive to Genchem No Planaria. If snails are present, we suggest re-homing during treatment with No Planaria.


  • 50 grams package.
  • Expiration Date 03/2024

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