Intense Atomic Inline CO2 Diffuser Cleaning Kit


  • $8.99

Key Features:

  • Made by Intense, a well known brand for reliable, most efficient and built to last CO2 products.


        Available Sizes:

        • 8/12mm:   Fits hose size 8/12mm ID/OD (inside diameter /outside diameter).
        • 12/16mm: Fits hose size 12/16mm ID/OD (inside diameter /outside diameter).
        • 16/22mm: Fits hose size 16/22mm ID/OD (inside diameter /outside diameter).


        What else do you need to get to supply CO2 to your aquarium?

        • CO2 Tubing
        • CO2 Check valves
        • CO2 Bubble Counters
        • CO2 Drop Checkers
        • CO2 Regulators

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