UNS Pro Dual Stage CO2 Regulator with Solenoid


  • $219.99

The Ultum Nature Systems Pro Regulator is a professional grade CO2 delivery system for planted aquariums. Featuring two gauges, the UNS Pro Regulator allows the output pressure and available CO2 levels to be monitored. This regulator comes equipped with a dual-stage, a failsafe mechanism for added safety measures, and includes a bubble counter for simple, yet precise management of CO2 levels. The UNS Pro Regulator is designed for use with standard CGA-320 CO2 cylinders. 

The UNS Pro Regulator offers a unique bubble counter manifold that allows a single CO2 cylinder to be split and distributed amongst multiple planted aquariums. Simply add on the desired number of UNS Bubble Counter Manifold Blocks and enjoy consistent CO2 in multiple aquariums.


  • Made with High Quality Aluminum Regulator Body
  • CGA320 thread connection stem adapter included (fits onto standard US CO2 CGA320 gas tanks)
  • Built in solenoid allows you to turn the CO2 supply on and off during photo period
  • Precision Needle Valve with for precise CO2 metering
  • Adjustable knob allows the ability to adjust working pressure

Each Unit Includes:

  • UNS Pro Dual Stage CO2 Regulator
  • 2x Bubble Counter
  • Select Tools
  • Power Adapter
  • Assorted extra washer o-rings

    What else do you need to get to supply CO2 to your aquarium?

    • CO2 Tubing
    • Bubble Counter
    • Drop Checker
    • Diffuser
    • Check Valve

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